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CPA Generator Landing Pages Pack v1

cpa generator landing page free

If you are looking for a CPA Generator Landing Page for free you are at the right place. We’ll share many templates that are optimized and ready to use, tested over time and will increase your CPA earnings!

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All the instructions of how to implement the content locker it’s avaliable on our tutorial. Follow step by step, if you are experienced, you can skip these steps.

Gaming CPA Generator Landing Free Template Download

These generator templates are focused on gaming niches, you can change the images and edit the html code to make it fit to any niche or game. But we are sharing some premade landings that are working fine.

Enjoy these responsive high converting CPA templates, that work for OGAds, CPAGrip, CPABuild and other networks as well.

1. Clash Royale Online Generator Landing Page

This landing page about Clash Royale, has been widely tested by many marketers, and is one of the best to use on 2020

I’ts design, and SEO optimized Home page makes it the best choice for Desktop and Mobile devices.

Desktop Preview

The mobile version of this template fits perfectly to any mobile or tablet, and is easy to go trough steps before the verification process.

Engages the user to activate encryption, has server status, and fake users online, these features skyrocket the CR, since visitors have more trust on our site.

Mobile Preview

2. Fortnite Online Generator Landing Page (2 Templates)

This generator for the most popular battle royale game will help us increase our conversion rate, making it easier for our visitors to go trough steps.

It is well designed, matching the Fortnite theme design, and adding some details that made this template one of the bests!

Below the generator there is a good ammount of text that you can modify or replace to improve the SEO of the website.

3. Clash of Clans Online Generator Landing Page

This is one of the best CPA generator template that exists, because of it’s simple design and usability. Many people use this theme for other niches as well, very simple to edit.

To use it, just replace your code locker by following the instructions included inside. This is a general step for all other generators,

This template shows fake latest activities, including the ammount of gems and a random IP. Very good to make it look legit to the visitors eye’s.

4. FIFA Online Generator Landing Page

This landing page was used the first time for FIFA Generator by CPA marketers, many people edited it and transformet into many different games.

On the files you will see it’s now being used for madden game, just change the background image and logos, as well the coins and adapt it to your niche.

cpa fifa generator landing page
Desktop Version

This landing is very easy to edit, and does a really good job when rising the conversion rates. The design is perfect for an online generator, and works on all devices.

ogads fifa generator landing
Mobile Version

How to download CPA Online Generator Landing Pack

Download our CPA Generator Landing pages pack and get all of the above and more. Follow the next steps:

  • Download landing pages
  • Extract all the landings
  • Edit index.html file with an editor
  • Find “OUR_LINK_LOCKER_HERE” and replace with your code locker
  • Done!
Download Pack

If there is any broken download link or you need help, please contact us here.

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